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Join us in helping BDPA support our youth in STEM for 2020. 

Join us in helping BDPA support our youth in 2020. We want to encourage and promote youth in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) discipline. We do this through a variety of scholarships and professional development opportunities. BDPA and BETF has a campaign to raise $20,000 by September 2019. 

These funds will help ensure any child interested in technology in any of our 33 active chapters around the country can participate locally and engage in our national competitions for tech research, mobile app development, and technology awareness. 

These funds will also be used to fund scholarships to students enrolled in a STEM-based associates or baccalaureate program. 
Join us in our "BDPA 2020" campaign for a brighter future for our kids in STEM. Help us spread the word!!

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Allen Leslie donated $100 on 7/7/2020
TED JORDAN donated $100 on 2/13/2020
The BDPA has been behind me all the way. My career, when I started my company, and as I grew as an Executive Trainer
Adrienne Wright donated $50 on 12/3/2019
Cole EPM Consulting donated $50 on 12/3/2019
Gasongo donated $100 on 8/6/2019
Coram R donated $500 on 8/5/2019
David Bennett & Jonathan Dorce donated $100 on 8/5/2019
FAMU & JNJ support
Tori Griffin donated $100 on 8/5/2019
So proud to be a part of this organization!
NKJ donated $250 on 8/4/2019
Shawn Liller donated $500 on 8/4/2019
Andrea d donated $500 on 8/3/2019
Allen Leslie donated $300 on 8/3/2019
Eric donated $100 on 8/3/2019
Syreeta M donated $250 on 8/3/2019
Timothy Brown donated $250 on 8/3/2019
Madison M donated $100 on 8/3/2019
by Anonymous donated $500 on 8/3/2019
The students are worth it!
Sifora Tek-Lab donated $200 on 8/3/2019
Darren Y donated $100 on 8/3/2019
Jody R donated $500 on 8/3/2019
Love what BDPA is doing! Keep it up!
Barbara N donated $150 on 8/3/2019
Felicia Jones donated $100 on 8/3/2019
Timothy Coleman donated $1000 on 8/3/2019
Aaron Griffin donated $250 on 8/3/2019
Alicia M donated $1000 on 8/3/2019