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Caitlin Flood donated $26.29 on 10/22/2020
Really excited for Cohort 5 and what they'll bring to the future :)
Alex Goodwin donated $52.23 on 10/22/2020
Heck yeah to programs like this! I also benefitted from an internship "foot-in-the-door" experience and know how valuable it is. 🤘🏼
by Anonymous donated $10.73 on 10/18/2020
by Anonymous donated $26.29 on 10/15/2020
Julie Harrison donated $50 on 10/15/2020
Kathy Hallock donated $1556.6 on 10/13/2020
Reading about the interns first week was such a refreshing break from the other news of the day I just wanted to celebrate them :)
Kyle Falbo donated $10.73 on 10/13/2020
I miss the venue.
Kathy Hallock donated $1556.6 on 10/10/2020
I'm a long time supporter so with all the negativity in the world it just felt like a good day to send some love your way :)
Robert and Beth donated $104.1 on 10/9/2020
We love live music and we love this venue!
Brian McGinty donated $104.1 on 9/25/2020
Loyalty to Berkeley Law
by Anonymous donated $10.73 on 9/24/2020
Nothing particular. I send a small donation when I can. I like the place and the workers I've talked to.
Henry Chatfield donated $10 on 9/22/2020
JP & Rusty donated $104.1 on 9/22/2020
I'm an event producer and huge theatre fan and patron and . Your focus on youth development is outstanding.