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Help Make Books Accessible to Everyone

Bookshare® has changed my life, and undoubtedly the lives of every one of its subscribers, even if they’re too young to know it. - Kip Massey, Bookshare member

Bookshare opens up the world of reading to people with print disabilities. Your support helps us provide our service to people like Kip Massey and multitudes with print disabilities all around the world.

How can your donation help?

  • Subsidize memberships for people who need Bookshare service but cannot afford it, like Veterans and Seniors
  • Get more books into the collection, including books you want the world to read
  • Support the development of cutting edge technologies that improve how members read and use Bookshare
  • Provide top rate member support and technical support
  • Train teachers and others who work with members
  • Enable us to continue to innovate and find new ways to serve our members