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The mission of Be in Health is to establish generations of overcomers.

The fulfillment of this mission has had us traveling throughout the entire world to establish God’s Word and restore relationships. For many years this was through plane and car rides. However, now we are reaching tens and possibly hundreds of thousands of people through the internet.

We have an amazing opportunity to use the internet as a tool to reach even more people we might not have otherwise been able to reach. But the thing that may prevent us from reaching more people is the age of our video equipment. It is now 10-years old, it has begun to glitch, and it can no longer be updated. We have used this equipment for as long as we can, and it is time to replace it.

With new video equipment, not only will our videos have a more clear quality picture than our existing equipment, but it will allow us to stream on multiple channels, such as Facebook, YouTube, our website and more at the same time! During this time, when travel is not an option, we have decided this is an amazing opportunity to reach more people through the internet. However, in order to accomplish this, we need to update some of our video equipment that was purchased a decade ago.

We continue to walk faithfully as a debt-free organization, and this will not change. We have been debt-free since April of 2016. We must first thank God! But also say ‘thank you’ to the thousands of partners who have given to the vision of Be in Health.

You are so important to us. And we often talk about how thankful we are for your faithfulness. Because of you, we can continue to establish the Word and bring glory to God. We also pray for you often. We know that God is at work, and there is so much that He is doing.

Have you seen our video testimonies or our flagship course offered online, the For My Life Online? These are videos that we film ourselves at Be in Health, edit, and share. As our travelling has been affected by this recent pandemic, we have realized it is time to improve our media equipment. This will allow the quality of work we are doing to be much greater. We believe with the updated equipment, we can reach more people than ever before on more channels than we are currently able to now.

The main efforts that we will be able to improve are the future, one-day specialty conferences, Mini teachings, For My Life online, and streaming church services.

Plus, we will be able to add many more quality videos to our YouTube channel to impact people. For example, recently, there was a lady who found Be in Health on YouTube. This was soon after she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She began understanding the Bible and lining her life up with God’s way of thinking, speaking, and acting. As a result, the cancer disappeared. This is so powerful, and we know there is no distance in the spirit.

We invite you to partner with us and give a gift of any amount to bring improvement and better video quality to our media equipment and outreach around the world! Thank you, and may God abundantly bless you in your giving!

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Thanks for all you've done to help change my life!
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I hope to come to GA. To Be IN Health. I am very wounded . I want to be set free and restored back to complete Health. My first time giving.
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Love you BIH
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