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We have sought the LORD for understanding and wisdom about what He wants Be in Health to do now and in the coming years to advance the mission of establishing generations of overcomers. We discern that we are to keep doing all that we are currently doing and at the same time prepare to reach more and help more people through the Internet.

Toward that end, we are creating our own private online platform serving a similar purpose as the other public social media platforms we use such as Facebook and YouTube. It is the NEW Overcomers’ Community; a place for God’s people to gather as a virtual community no matter where in the world they are. There are public and member-only sections of the site and it will be available as an app on your smartphone or as a webpage on your computer.

There may be coming a day when our Be in Health message could be censored on the internet’s public sites, so we are preparing now to preserve our voice and influence by migrating all of our current online content to our own private platform where it can be protected.

Our plans include:
-Revamping the Overcomers' Community platform
-Creating an Overcomers’ Community smartphone app
-Funding continued digital marketing efforts to reach more people

We want to reach as many hungry and hurting people outside of the Overcomers' Community before censorship interferes as we can!

This is where you can help us! Your giving will be joined with some partners that have pledged to double every donation through the end-of-the-year up to $150,000! When you give $200 it will be matched and become $400, $500 will become $1,000, and so forth!

May God abundantly bless you in your giving,

Pastor Donna Wright