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Mike S. is inviting you to keep the vision growing and double your impact right now with Be in Health®.

Mike recently attended a For My Life® Retreat in Thomaston for a refresher. While he was here he told us that back in 2011 his wife had severe multiple sclerosis (MS) and was destined for a wheel chair. He had sleep apnea, his daughter had dyslexia and his son had allergies.

In 2011, his wife’s sister called them to say that she had just attended a For My Life Retreat in Thomaston. She then came to visit them and ministered to her sister who was quickly healed from MS within 30 days! They took the For My Life online course and Mike’s sleep apnea disappeared, their daughter’s dyslexia was gone and their son’s allergies went away!

Over the next two years, 2012 and 2013, within the group of their friends and family people were healed or made free from: asthma, eczema, flat feet, high blood pressure, night paralysis, night terrors, gender confusion, hair loss, bi-polar, borderline personality disorder, panic attacks, anxiety attacks and leukemia!

Mike, his family and his friends represent generations of overcomers. Would you help Be in Health establish more generations of overcomers by keeping the vision growing?
God gave us a five year vision to make a positive impact in the lives of at least twice as many people in 2022 as in 2018. Between now and December 31, 2018 you have the opportunity to have your gift doubled, up to $50,000, by our partners’ matching gifts.

Thank you and may God richly bless you in your giving, Dr. Henry and Pastor Donna Wright

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Thank you for all you do and have done. I am so grateful for this ministry and how it has forever changed my heart & life.
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Be in Health is a life-giving, life-changing organization by the power of God. Thank you, Father.
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A wonderful life-changing ministry.
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We are so thankful for all the life changing teaching and counsel we have received from Be In Health in 2018. God Bless this ministry!
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