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Orphan Sponsorship

Orphans at the Bangla Hope receiving center range in age from newborn to adolescent.  Many of these children come from desperate situations.  The children live and attend school on the Bangla Hope campus through 8th grade. Their total care is provided for. You will receive an update on their progress twice a year. By sponsoring a child you are directly impacting your sponsored child’s well-being and opportunities for the present and future. YOU are changing a life! 

   Recent Activity
Sheba Biswas (LRC-022) donated $45 on 4/1/2019
Elizabeth Hansen donated $60 on 3/30/2019
LRC-158 For Suporna Kundu
Miranda Hansen donated $76 on 3/30/2019
LRC-158 for child Suporna Kundu.
Bristy Das & Angel Mridha donated $70 on 3/27/2019
Elizabeth Hansen donated $35 on 3/16/2019
God Bless and keep spreading the Gospel
Miranda Hansen donated $35 on 3/16/2019
oh ock k donated $35 on 3/5/2019
Sheba Biswas (LRC-022) donated $45 on 2/28/2019
Jana A donated $2000 on 2/21/2019
by Anonymous donated $80 on 2/19/2019
$35 Peter LRC-118 $45 Tina LGB-1172 February sponsorship.
Bristy Das and Angel Mridha donated $70 on 2/19/2019
Noah Evans donated $35 on 2/19/2019
Church of the Three Angels donated $70 on 2/19/2019
Matthew 19:14 - Jesus said, suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for as such is the kingdom of heaven.
David and Kathy F donated $350 on 2/6/2019
Sheba Biswas donated $45 on 1/31/2019