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Honoring Jill Kelly

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In honor of the spirit of Jill Kelly …

Jill Kelly was a local LGBTQ+ activist and ally, in a time before it was not widely celebrated. Her love and fight for those closest to her quickly became her own. Jill was truly a prime example of how allies can come from the most unexpected places.

Jill, raised in Cape Code, became an outspoken advocate for LGBTQ+ rights after her brother came out. Her efforts were integral in starting the Barnstable High GSA, during a time where being gay or queer held no space.

Jill worked to educate the community and promote inclusion to folks of all different sexual orientations and backgrounds. Her advocacy for rights in schools and communities led to her participation in Pride parades and events that promoted everyone’s right to exist. Her big-heart and fierce attitude would meet any person feeling down-trotted, where they were at. At her core, Jill believed that everyone deserved love, happiness and a place of belonging. So if you didn’t have a place to sit, Jill would make one available. 

She fought hard and loved hard to those around her.