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BAGLY is a youth-led, adult-supported social support 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to social justice and creating, sustaining, and advocating for programs, policies, and services for the LGBTQ youth community. 

Our Mission

Throughout its history BAGLY has advocated and provided leadership for an LGBTQ community driven statewide and national systems approach to working with LGBTQ youth.  As a founding organization of the National Youth Advocacy Coalition and the Massachusetts Governor’s Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth, and by establishing the GLBT Youth Group Network of Massachusetts, our vision and innovation has led the way in building a stable local and national infrastructure vital to today’s LGBTQ youth work.

Today, BAGLY provides community-based leadership development, health promotion and social support programs for Massachusetts LGBTQ youth communities, and is a leader in local and national LGBTQ youth advocacy work and workforce development.

Our Impact on LGBTQ+ Youth

With your help, BAGLY’s Community Center is open more than 2,600 hours a year, which provides key food and shelter in a safe space for LGBTQ+ youth.

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In honor of Club Cafe Sing Out and Justin McCoubry!
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Thank you for all of your hard work. Happy Pride 🌈
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Profits form B/SPOKE Charity R/DE in support of BAGLY!
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Youre in my thoughts during pride month/trying times
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In support of my amazing sister, Mimi Zielinski, and the women she inspires daily in the Construction world
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