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Gretchen Carlson's Change Makers- 2021 AFW Derby

Fundraising global stats: 40% left

Amount raised: $5,978

Amount left: $4,022

View a special video from Honorary Team Captain Gretchen Carlson here: 

This inaugural Roller Derby themed virtual fundraising campaign in support of 
Arizona Foundation for Women come at a critical time. Right now, there is a great need to drive awareness for the fact that this pandemic is especially devastating for women.

We thank you for your contribution. No matter who you are, your investment — small or large — changes what is possible for women, our community, and future generations.
   Recent Activity
by Anonymous donated $104.12 on 3/31/2021
Rottkamps donated $104.12 on 3/28/2021
Mike Strati Fan Club donated $52.25 on 3/28/2021
Ben Miller donated $104.12 on 3/27/2021
by Anonymous donated $207.87 on 3/26/2021
Headfarmer donated $104.12 on 3/26/2021
pleasure to support women!
Signa O donated $42.91 on 3/26/2021
Colette M donated $26.31 on 3/26/2021
by Anonymous donated $2594.12 on 3/20/2021
When we believe we can all make change! Go Change Makers!
Barbara donated $259.74 on 3/18/2021
Delighted to continue to support AFW. Strati - thank you for being a role model.
Dub donated $259.74 on 3/18/2021
Brenda H donated $26.31 on 3/11/2021
Shawna R donated $26.31 on 3/8/2021
T. Ray donated $52.25 on 3/5/2021
Chris Tyhurst donated $52.25 on 3/4/2021
LEH Consulting Group donated $26.31 on 3/3/2021
Good luck on the leaderboard, Mike!
David W. Bernard donated $104.12 on 3/3/2021
Kim Watson, PhD, PMP donated $52.25 on 3/3/2021
Go, Mike! Thanks for the opportunity to support you.
Tony Strati donated $52.25 on 3/3/2021
David Shechtman donated $26.31 on 3/3/2021
Brian B donated $104.12 on 3/3/2021
Dustin G donated $259.74 on 3/3/2021
by Anonymous donated $50 on 3/3/2021
Simon Z. Garcia donated $26.31 on 3/3/2021
Michael S donated $26.31 on 3/2/2021