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Chicago Corps Members 2018

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Avodah builds Jewish communities rooted in justice.

Since 1998, young Jewish adults from across the United States have come to Avodah to learn how to most effectively invest their time, intelligence, and energy to alleviate the most pressing social and economic problems in our country. They have made an extraordinary impact in Chicago, New Orleans, New York, and Washington DC, all while helping to lead the Jewish community’s fight against poverty in the United States.

Avodah Jewish Service Corps Members live and learn together for one year in a supportive, pluralistic community at the crossroads of social activism and Jewish life. Vulnerable people across the country are gaining strength and finding new opportunities thanks to the work of Avodah’s Jewish Service Corps Members. The Avodah Service Corps creates lifelong leaders and instills a commitment for social change into each and every person in our program.

Since 2006, Avodah Service Corps Members in Chicago have added $3 million in staffing capacity to front line agencies, and helped bring critical services and support to over 100,000 Windy City residents in need while gaining the skills, knowledge, and network to prepare themselves for lives dedicated to helping end poverty in America.

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Kristin Brown & Mahmoud Ajamia donated $72 on 8/15/2018
So proud of you, Leah!
Ellen, Robin and Amy donated $72 on 8/15/2018
Keep us posted on your progress. Should be quite a journey!
Stacey and Eddie Hamburg donated $180 on 8/15/2018
Delighted to honor our cousin Ari!
The Schmit’s donated $25 on 8/15/2018
Laura donated $54 on 8/15/2018
Amy & Ken Krupsky donated $180 on 8/14/2018
Rich & Marsha Weinstein donated $36 on 8/13/2018
Aunt Ellen and uncle Bob donated $100 on 8/12/2018
This brings you over the top
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rdmb donated $108 on 8/10/2018
Sam donated $40 on 8/10/2018
Ayesha B donated $36 on 8/9/2018
The Herman family donated $180 on 8/8/2018
Happy to support Eliana and Avodah!
cheryl flack donated $180 on 8/8/2018
Mia Weinberg donated $18 on 8/8/2018
I love this! Congratulations and good luck!!
Marcey and Ken Siegel donated $180 on 8/8/2018
Such a wonderful, tikun olum way to spend your year! We look forward to hearing about your experiences, as time goes on.
Rod K donated $10 on 8/8/2018
One big jump.
Lib and Kevin Stover donated $25 on 8/8/2018
gwen macsai donated $100 on 8/8/2018
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mazels and love!