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Lynn Weirich donated $50 on 2/27/2020
In honor of the Mother of the Year, Kim Ford. Thank you, Kim, for all you do in our community and for so many. You're an inspiration! Lynn
Kim Tindall & Assocaites donated $100 on 2/18/2020
In honor of Kim Ford
karen t donated $500 on 1/23/2020
Miguel donated $200 on 12/31/2019
Jason Westenskow donated $2000 on 12/19/2019
Gloryb donated $3000 on 12/18/2019
James & Cami mcnamara donated $50 on 9/9/2019
Jeanne Russell donated $250 on 7/20/2019
In thanks to Janet Holliday
Walton Gregory donated $250 on 5/7/2019
This donation is in honor of my dear friend Janet Holliday.
Helen Eversberg donated $125 on 4/29/2019
Polly donated $250 on 4/13/2019