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Graham Y donated $100 on 5/7/2019
by Anonymous donated $50 on 4/27/2019
Anya Darrow donated $250 on 3/27/2019
Nathalie Schweikert & Tim Perlstein donated $500 on 3/11/2019
In support of the Texas Film Awards
Samer Tallauze donated $25 on 3/10/2019
Thanks for the opportunity
Kim Newton donated $100 on 3/7/2019
by Anonymous donated $25 on 3/5/2019
Michele Del Savio donated $25 on 3/2/2019
This Is The Special "Gift" To Start The Collaboration With The Austin Film Society, BY MICHELE DEL SAVIO\MIKY DEL SAVIO ( * ) Superstar* -
Chip Bray donated $50 on 1/24/2019
I love our AFS!
Talon Skibsrud donated $50 on 1/23/2019
Todd J Waldron donated $84 on 1/22/2019
Sarah G donated $100 on 1/14/2019
Rebecca Eskreis donated $50 on 1/9/2019
Randy and Debbie Hutchison donated $250 on 1/8/2019
"Nothin' No Better"
Bettina and Brian Barrow donated $2500 on 12/31/2018
Don Clinchy donated $100 on 12/30/2018