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Sage donated C$30 on 6/13/2021
Christine Price donated C$250 on 6/10/2021
does there have to be a reason?
Loyda A donated C$300 on 6/9/2021
by Anonymous donated C$2000 on 6/8/2021
Great cause (Please do not send any paper mail except tax receipt; email updates okay - thanks!)
Dr. Arandeep Singh Dhanda donated C$50 on 6/6/2021
Mary Ann I Pelzer donated C$150 on 6/4/2021
Shawna and Berni donated C$50 on 6/3/2021
by Anonymous donated C$5000 on 6/1/2021
Hilary Percy donated C$200 on 5/31/2021
Jeff Stonier donated C$250 on 5/31/2021
George March donated C$200 on 5/29/2021
Nick Demare donated C$500 on 5/29/2021
Jason S donated C$5000 on 5/28/2021
Colleen Donald donated C$150 on 5/28/2021
Beatrice Singh donated C$50 on 5/26/2021
Tutela Technologies donated C$250 on 5/26/2021
by Anonymous donated C$100 on 5/22/2021
The compassionate heart of Lynn Sabourin: in celebration of her birthday & a 40-year career nurturing the lives of children.
Jomar T donated C$700 on 5/21/2021
by Anonymous donated C$100 on 5/21/2021
Kevan Tisshaw donated C$100 on 5/19/2021
Missed playing in Trivia night last Saturday
Digitally Hip donated C$936.56 on 5/19/2021
Donation from Digitally Hip for 25% of computer service invoices (excluding tax) paid between December 1, 2020 and May 16, 2021
by Anonymous donated C$150 on 5/17/2021
by Anonymous donated C$100 on 5/16/2021
Jeanette and Michael Mracek donated C$500 on 5/10/2021
Tracey Burke-Gaffney donated C$150 on 5/9/2021
My mom.