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by Anonymous donated C$50 on 9/27/2021
Want to help
Wendy Amy donated C$500 on 9/27/2021
Mohammad donated C$50 on 9/26/2021
Steven Lin donated C$30 on 9/25/2021
Read about and was impressed by the positive impact that this organization provides
JOHN M donated C$150 on 9/24/2021
by Anonymous donated C$40 on 9/24/2021
The Ismaili Muslim ethic of giving, earning a job promotion, and involvement in the 5 Days for the Homeless Campaign when in university
Carson Ling donated C$50 on 9/23/2021
Jane Taylor donated C$5000 on 9/23/2021
Please earmark these funds for Housing: Thresholds. I would appreciate it if you would confirm that this is where the funds will go.
Mark H donated C$2500 on 9/22/2021
Frederik donated C$50 on 9/22/2021
Frankie Kirby donated C$100 on 9/21/2021
The amazing work that Aunt Leah does for the vulnerable in our society.
Dorothy D donated C$50 on 9/20/2021
Your turn is today !
by Anonymous donated C$100 on 9/20/2021
Dan & Elaine B donated C$200 on 9/20/2021
Susan Stanley donated C$1000 on 9/18/2021
Deb Rutman donated C$50 on 9/17/2021
I want to continue to support Aunt Leah's outstanding work!
by Anonymous donated C$150 on 9/16/2021
by Anonymous donated C$100 on 9/16/2021
Tracy Sherlock donated C$200 on 9/14/2021
My friend edited a story for me about children aging out of care and wouldn't take a fee. She told me to donate her fee to a FYIC org.
Paul Sy donated C$2500 on 9/12/2021
Nick D donated C$500 on 9/10/2021
by Anonymous donated C$25 on 9/9/2021
Jill Komlos donated C$500 on 9/8/2021
by Anonymous donated C$100 on 9/6/2021
Naughty Nick's Nightmare Nursery donated C$264.82 on 9/3/2021
Donations from our Fall Sale to a great charity with a good cause!