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Kenna Hoskins donated C$100 on 4/2/2020
William & Theresa Dunlop donated C$50 on 4/1/2020
Elaine S donated C$50 on 4/1/2020
by Anonymous donated C$100 on 4/1/2020
Tam Sin Mang donated C$50 on 4/1/2020
Tim Hicks donated C$50 on 3/31/2020
Jackie Avery donated C$50 on 3/30/2020
spiritual essentials donated C$365 on 3/29/2020
Hannah DeJong donated C$100 on 3/29/2020
Linda Dion donated C$110 on 3/29/2020
Nancy Bradshaw donated C$150 on 3/28/2020
Leah Holmes donated C$250 on 3/28/2020
S Neil donated C$500 on 3/28/2020
Mark and Jen Hoag donated C$500 on 3/28/2020
Kelly Cmolik donated C$320 on 3/27/2020
owen w donated C$100 on 3/27/2020
Alex donated C$20 on 3/26/2020
Janine donated C$50 on 3/26/2020
by Anonymous donated C$150 on 3/26/2020
Hope this helps!
Kathleen Hepburn and Tyler Hagan donated C$1000 on 3/26/2020
Mark Gifford donated C$30 on 3/26/2020
Thanks for your great work!
Paul donated C$100 on 3/24/2020
by Anonymous donated C$50 on 3/22/2020
Joan Muir donated C$200 on 3/22/2020
by Anonymous donated C$500 on 3/22/2020