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Harry Grossmith donated C$250 on 8/1/2021
Good cause helping those who don't make the headlines.
by Anonymous donated C$325 on 7/30/2021
Randognar Bicycle Pro Service donated C$33.33 on 7/30/2021
Eric Purtski, repeat customer, total was 70$, so 33.33 is the charity of his choice donation for 50% my work today. Cheers
Randognar Service donated C$50 on 7/29/2021
I’m testing a marketing initiative where 50% of the total for my services go to towards a charity of the customers choice:Eric Purtski .
by Anonymous donated C$100 on 7/28/2021
Vishnu Anilkumar donated C$50 on 7/25/2021
Napon T donated C$500 on 7/24/2021
Jordan R donated C$130 on 7/21/2021
Audrey Coutts donated C$100 on 7/21/2021
My annual donation amount
Cat Schachtel donated C$500 on 7/19/2021
great organization
Denis D donated C$425 on 7/18/2021
B. McLaren donated C$200 on 7/18/2021
John R donated C$100 on 7/17/2021
PATRICIA M donated C$100 on 7/17/2021
emails on matching
by Anonymous donated C$50 on 7/15/2021
THis is a gift in honor of my friend's birthdat
Daniel S donated C$2000 on 7/15/2021
by Anonymous donated C$100 on 7/15/2021
Doris A donated C$30 on 7/14/2021
Frances R Murphy donated C$500 on 7/14/2021
by Anonymous donated C$500 on 7/14/2021
Gonzalo A. donated C$45 on 7/14/2021
no thank you donated C$50 on 7/14/2021
by Anonymous donated C$200 on 7/14/2021
Gillian B donated C$250 on 7/14/2021
Bryan Farquharson donated C$100 on 7/13/2021
Donation match in honour of Aunt Leah's Place upcoming birthday.