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Annual Campaign 2016

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Amount raised: $3,890

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The campaign is based around the idea that one case for one client costs us under $500. Ask your friends and family to help us fund just one case!

Look at what Atlanta Legal Aid lawyers can do for $500:
- A Legal Aid attorney represented a woman whose ex-husband shot and wounded both her and their daughter. The    attorney obtained a TPO, full custody of the children, and a divorce for the woman.  She continues to represent the woman  as the incarcerated husband files motions for custody of his children and other actions meant to harass and  emotionally abuse  his ex-wife.

Atlanta Legal Aid protects nearly 1,000 adults and children from violence annually.
- Legal Aid filed a legal challenge on behalf of a blind widow threatened with foreclosure whose husband  of 47 years died with a reverse mortgage on their home. The lawsuit forced HUD to issue a new regulation to protect surviving spouses of seniors who had entered into reverse mortgages.

Last year, Legal Aid preserved over $895,000 in equity and eliminated over $1,045,000 in mortgage debt.

A client applied for disability benefits for her son, who suffers from juvenile fibromyalgia, osteogenesis imperfecta, a seizure disorder, and other problems, and the client's son was denied coverage. She called seeking representation at a hearing that she had requested. With the help of Legal Aid, the client’s son is now receiving a monthly check for $733 and back benefits in excess of nearly $22,000.

In 2015, Legal Aid secured over $2.6 million in ongoing health benefits for clients.

As an organization, Atlanta Legal Aid:

- Handles 20,000 cases yearly, averaging 300 cases per attorney.

- Helps clients meet some of life’s most basic needs – a safe home, enough food to eat, a decent education,   protection against fraud, and personal safety.

- Does high impact work like Olmstead v. LC, the most important civil rights decision for people with disabilities in our country's history. For more information, visit

- Works with vulnerable populations through special projects, including clients with cancer and sick children at children's hospitals.
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Kate and Darius Anania donated $50 on 11/29/2016
Keep fighting, Sarah! We are so proud of you.
Marie M donated $10 on 11/9/2016
Thank you for your work! Wish I could do more!