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End of the Year 2016

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What does justice look like to you?
 Alex and Barbara's story begins in 2012 with the loss of their beloved Kristin Alexandria, Alex’s mother. In the words of Barbara:

“After any death in a family change follows. The challenge is how to recover from such a deep hurt. The recovery was learning to impart gently, lovingly and systematically into the heart of Alex, my grandson. Not erasing the memory of his mother but embracing Kristin’s memory to find peace.  Learning to move forward as warriors.  Grasping the same day in day out task and holding onto them as a life preserver.  Restructuring our lives is simply viewed but not simply achieved.   God sent many helpers. Those who not only prayed but stepped up to give us a hand. Alex was in a place of connecting his thoughts, emotions and behaviors and assistance to move gracefully forward.  Me and his mentors struggled many times, but we didn’t give up imparting grace and love. Alex and I both impart into each other instinctively giving what is necessary to propel our hearts into recovery daily. I am forever grateful to all those who took any part of this journey with us.  Their encouragement and understanding removed a lot of the weight from our journey. Allowing me to refocus Alex’s energy into experiences that will impact him for a life time. I know that God is in the mist of our journey even now. Working all things together for our good. Our sincere thanks to the Grandparent Project for being involve in our journey!”

At Atlanta Legal Aid Society, we see justice as helping clients meet some of life’s most basic needs – a safe home, enough food to eat, a decent education, protection against fraud, and personal safety. Legal Aid handles over 20,000 cases a year, averaging 300 cases per attorney. We work with vulnerable populations through special projects, including clients with cancer and sick children at children's hospitals. Our Grandparent/Relative Caregiver Project assists relatives who are raising children in the place of deceased or otherwise absent parents. The image of Alex above was taken by Bryan Meltz, a documentary photographer, who embedded herself in with Alex and his grandmother Barbara for our Picturing Justice exhibition. Legal Aid assisted Barbara in adopting Alex.

The role of Legal Aid has never been more important to the greater Atlanta community. Your gift will make a material difference in the lives of Legal Aid’s clients and the quality of its services. As part of our Picturing Justice campaign, donors will receive the following commemorative item(s) with their gifts.

$250+: Picturing Justice catalog featuring work from the documentary photographers in the exhibition
$500+: Picturing Justice commemorative poster featuring the image of Alex above
$2500+: Picturing Justice framed commemorative poster featuring the image of Alex above
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