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Last year, over 54,000 local volunteers completed more than 2,100 community improvement projects with ToolBank tools. You may not have the time to be at every project site, but you do have the power to DONATE NOW.  Even better, click the green "become a fundraiser" button to the right and challenge your friends and family to match your gift. Be sure to scroll down for our designated giving campaigns too.

Why ToolBank Works

In early 2014 alone...

Despite the polar vortex and resurgence of crazy cold this February – your ToolBank has already loaned out $64,738 worth of blue tools this New Year. 6,566 Local volunteers completed 183 service projects across our state – and our nonprofit member agencies only paid $1,954. Yep. 24 local nonprofits utilized $64,738 worth of tools and only paid a total of $1,954. Now, that is the Power of ToolBank. And while yes, we can certainly quantify the number of miles cleared of debris, the new plantings taking root and so much more –  the true value of community joining together for the common good can never be measured by mere number crunching. Because blue-tools touch lives, not just bricks and mortar. So Donors and Volunteers – WE SALUTE YOU! Long may the blue-tool powered reign. 

"It would be impossible to host such large service groups without access to ToolBank. The resources provided allow us to tackle more and larger outreach projects."
~Bryan Schroeder 
Stewarship & Outreach Director
The Georgia Conservancy

Since 2011, 1,682 GA Conservancy volunteers have completed 120 projects with ToolBank tools. 
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ToolBank works to increase your nonprofit's capacity to serve, on time and under budget!

Our Tool Lending inventory provides access to more than 185 different tool types, yes -that means items such as hammers, rakes, etc.-  for use in community service projects.  Fellow non-profits and civic organizations are eligible to join the ToolBank and put our blue tools to good use year-round. Whether you are renovating/maintaining a park, painting a mural, building a playground or organizing a community clean-up, the ToolBank can equip your volunteers for a successful project.  

In a nutshell, your agency can become a ToolBank member agency for a nominal fee and check out tools year-round, paying three pennies on the dollar for each tool you use. We're here to grow your service to the community and as our more than 200 members can attest - ToolBank works!

This year alone, the ToolBank has equipped 54,283 volunteers to complete 2,513 service projects in every corner of metro Atlanta.

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Please note, the ToolBank is a membership program for nonprofits and service organizations and not open to individuals. So, if the project is being conducted on an individual's property or is for personal profit, rather than meeting a community need, our program would not be the right fit.  


Watch how tool-lending works!
General Warehouse Volunteerism Info & Special Events
Ready to see positive people working hard to improve Greater Atlanta? Well then, support the Atlanta Community ToolBank!  You can give time in our warehouse painting tools and organizing inventory, host a tool drive, or work the registration and auction tables at a fundraiser. It's all fun and it all works to keep the tools our fellow nonprofits need at the ready. Simply click now to browse our current opportunities below and select your date of service!