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by Anonymous donated $45 on 11/30/2021
Janice S donated $160 on 11/17/2021
Steven Miller donated $45 on 11/17/2021
Joe G donated $45 on 11/10/2021
Pamela Vitale donated $45 on 11/9/2021
An art studio space and community gallery focusing on fine arts, mixed media, and the offering of events & classes focusing on art & music.
Stacey C donated $45 on 11/8/2021
Patricia Campbell, Dance Caller donated $45 on 11/6/2021
Celebrating Community Through Traditional Dance and Music! Programs available in person* and on Zoom *(depending on the program)
Hermann T donated $45 on 11/5/2021
Kathleen B donated $45 on 11/3/2021
Patsy S donated $80 on 11/2/2021
Don S donated $45 on 11/2/2021
Anna Maria J donated $45 on 11/2/2021
Main Street Ballet Company donated $45 on 10/21/2021
Janet Andre Block donated $45 on 10/18/2021
Lori Barker donated $45 on 10/18/2021
Lori Barker’s mixed media work explores nature and spirituality . Her Purple Door gallery and labyrinth in Goshen is open by appointment.
Mental Health Connecticut, Inc. donated $160 on 10/7/2021
Tim Furzer donated $45 on 9/21/2021
Merwinsville Hotel Restoration, Inc. donated $45 on 9/17/2021
Celebrating our 50th anniversary of the Restoration! 1971-2021
Goshen Business Circle donated $45 on 9/17/2021
Music in the Nave donated $45 on 9/10/2021
Affiliated with St. Andrew's Episcopal Church in Kent, It presents mostly classical concerts, including an annual Handel's Messiah sing-in.
P-R Blackman donated $45 on 9/7/2021
Martha Ritter R donated $200 on 8/24/2021
E.Magazzi donated $45 on 8/23/2021
Art Clothing,Original Designs and Sustainably Produced Tee"s featuring late CT artist and my grandfather Charles Besozzi's 1904-1997 artwork
Robert Kwalick, Executive Director donated $160 on 8/17/2021