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Chris Barrett donated $104.05 on 9/14/2019
SOTA Instruments Inc. donated $1000 on 9/9/2019
Kristofer Watson donated $300 on 8/23/2019
Lykke Guanio-Uluru donated $104.05 on 8/12/2019
Stephen P. Nye donated $104.05 on 8/8/2019
The Fauna Family donated $100 on 8/8/2019
Sending our love to the Peterson family. May Josiah's spirit live on. Love, The Fauna Family - Jason, Mary, Chris, Kaitlyn, and Leo.
Teddy Fine donated $104.05 on 8/4/2019
Noah, Maryleigh and Zev Freedman donated $104.05 on 7/31/2019
Our little contribution to our planet Love the Freedmans
by Anonymous donated $207.8 on 7/31/2019
C J Castles donated $207.8 on 7/30/2019
Eliza Angel Evers Silverwolf donated $104.05 on 7/30/2019
We grew up playing under Sequoia Redwoods and Vine Maple.
by Anonymous donated $100 on 7/30/2019
Laura Miller donated $104.05 on 7/29/2019
What a great opportunity to make a generational gift to the future!
by Anonymous donated $104.05 on 7/20/2019
Ann Stephens donated $104.05 on 7/1/2019
This tree is in honor of my mom, Dorothy Warren's 90 birthday! She loves and reveres her "big trees"!
Laird Knight donated $104.05 on 6/21/2019
To our brother, Erich Knight, a (biochar) warrior who gave his all to save the planet. From Margot & Laird
David B Edghill donated $104.05 on 6/7/2019
With Every BREATH I take I will give thanks to God above For as Long as I shall live I will testify to LOVE
by Anonymous donated $104.05 on 5/19/2019
I was so blessed to spend time in the Redwoods with such an amazing group of dedicated people. This tree is in honor of "Gramps".
Sherri Botto donated $104.05 on 5/12/2019
As my mom protected and cared for me, may this tree help protect and care for our future generations.
Jessica donated $104.05 on 5/12/2019
Adrien Allen donated $100 on 5/11/2019
The desire for trees
Nanny donated $104.05 on 5/11/2019
May many trees be planted in honor of Our Mother, Mother Earth!
Alexey Sokolin donated $207.8 on 4/25/2019
Angel and Alexey, rooted together in marriage, family and the Earth
Mom and Dad donated $104.05 on 4/21/2019
Planning an adventure for our daughter - when she’s old enough, she can visit her tree!
by Anonymous donated $104.05 on 4/20/2019
As a thank you to all of the trees for all that they offer to every other living being of this planet