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Hello Friends!
You must be called to donate since you landed on this page! This summer I will volunteer as a teacher in a Honduran orphanage (Central America not South East Asia like I thought!), ran by Amigos de Jesus. The mission of this organization is to support and nurture children that may have been abandoned, abused or improvised; by providing a safe, loving environment. For three weeks, I will teach and live with these wonderful children. The children attend to all matters work, play, prayer, learning within the orphanage.  Essentially, volunteer teachers work all year long in the orphanage. Participating in the summer program allows the children a chance to explore other subjects, interests and the year long volunteers a break.

 I need your help! In order to work and be apart of Amigos de Jesus I need to raise $500. All money raised goes directly towards Amigos de Jesus and the costs of running the summer program. So, PLEASE take this opportunity to be awesome and DONATE! All donations would be greatly appreciated.