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Dear Family, Friends, and Loved Ones –
While for many people the holiday season may still seem far away, here at Amigos de Jesús preparation for Christmas, New Years, and Three Kings Day (Epiphany) begins months in advance. In Honduras, holiday traditions are a bit different than those many of us are used to in the United States. For instance, Christmas is celebrated on December 24th and rather than receiving gifts, individuals receive new outfits (‘estrenos’). Our kids are always incredibly excited to see what new shirts, socks, shoes, pants, and dresses they get and love to ‘estrenar’ (to wear for the first time) their new outfits during Christmas Mass, dinner, and accompanying family dance party. While gifts aren’t received on Christmas day, Honduran tradition instead recognizes Three Kings Day, or Epiphany, as the time to exchange gifts. During this day, the Three Kings that visited baby Jesus the night of His birth bearing gifts of frankincense, gold, and myrrh make a visit to the ‘hogar,’ calling out each child by name to individually come up and receive her/his gift. The rest of the night is filled with dozens of requests for batteries, lots of excited children showing off new toys, and of course, numerous reminders about picking up wrapping paper and trash.
Despite the fact that our family is so big, we always make it a priority to ensure that all of our children receive clothes that fit and match their style as well as gifts that they can use and enjoy. Making sure our kids recognize how loved and cared for they are as unique individuals is incredibly important to us, in particular during a year like this one where we’re a little low on donations for clothes and gifts.  As a volunteer community, our goal is to raise $5,000 to help ensure that all of our kids feel confident showing off their new ‘estrenos’ and excited running around with new toys and gadgets. All donations will be used to buy last minute clothing and gifts for our children in Honduras.
We hope that you will consider donating and supporting our fundraiser. Thank you to all who have already so generously given to our Amigos de Jesús family and to all who have supported each of us during our journey at Amigos. If you would like to support us but find yourself unable to donate financially at this time, we always welcome prayers and good thoughts!
If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Volunteer Manager, Julie Quesada, at
Que Dios le bendiga! (God bless!)
Amigos de Jesús July 2018 – February 2019 Volunteer Community
Clay Mathews, Connor Joyce, Emily Kirsch, Kathryn Crawford, Leana Bugglin-Borer, Lindsey Kuitse, Natalie Douris, and Stephanie Blumenstock
Sigue la cruz y encontrarás la esperanza//Follow the cross and you will find hope