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Above: Going to  the local town about a 10 minute bike ride to celebrate a birthday with a family.  
Growing up, I always had the chance to ride my bike when i wanted to.  Looking back, I never knew what I had and took it for granted.  I had the chance to learn how to ride a bike at an early age.  Here at Amigos, there is not enough bikes for everyone, so bike rides are only for special occasions, like birthdays.  Some of our kids don't know how to yet, because chances to ride don't come that often.  Sometimes it's not possible to use them even for birthdays because our bikes are not in the best of shape.
Space is limited here at Amigos we are always looking for places to store things. This is the condition the our bike bodega is in right now.  He have a lot of bikes.  But because of the little space, they don't last tong.  I have tried many times to organize it, but there is not enough space to put the bikes away nicely. Too many bikes and not enough space.  So tires pop and chains break, when they are piled on top of one another.  And kids have to wait for them to be fix for them to use them again and we don't always have the time to fix them. 
 If i win the $500, my plan is to extend the fence to the left, where the post is and the concreted area, on the ouside to create more space.  And hopefully create some type of hook system as well, to hang the bikes on the side of the fence or from the top. 

The goal is that the bikes will stay in better condition and hopefully, if this happens we can use bikes more often and not just for specail occasions.  I remember times where I would ride my everyday for months at a time.  These kids are only given the opputunity a handful of times a year.  They love riding bikes and anytime there is a birthday, they always hang around to see if someone will lend the bike just a second to ride them.  
I hope that we can give them a chance to ride for much longer than that.