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Jillian Gerrity
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From now until May 20th I am participating in the Amigos de Jesus "Volunteer Challenge"! I have one month to raise more money than my fellow volunteers and every dollar we donate will go towards the ADJ family. However, the winner of this challenge will be given $500 to spend as they wish!! I am not entirely sure what I would do yet but it would most definitely be something that would benefit the children here at Amigos. Some ideas include:

-A basketball court and equipment so kids can learn to play as opposed to throwing a small ball between two cement pillars (while this is fun, I think a real court would be even more exciting and useful)
-A baseball field because the kids were thrilled throughout December and January when bats and tennis balls were donated but it is difficult to play a baseball game on the soccer field in the middle of a soccer game
-A playground!
-Wifi for the children's houses and classrooms
-New bikes to ride on their birthdays that won’t have broken chains or flat tires!
-Splitting the money between the volunteers for each person to plan an outing/adventure with one or two children. In a home of 130 children, quality one-on-one time is difficult to come by so this would be very special! 

However, in order for any of these possiblities to become reality, I must raise the most money! Please consider donating to help create something spectacular for the beautiful children here at Amigos. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated! Thank you!

While being their human playground is fun, I think they'd really love a new and more durable one!

His excitement at just the thought of a new play area!

Who wouldn't want to help this little man get new bikes to ride?!

Through your donation you can help the whole Amigos de Jesus family!