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Christina Gennaoui
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Sometimes we hear about something, an idea or a thing that makes our ears perk up a little bit. It catches our interest, draws us in. We feel a connection to it, even though we might not even know what it is yet. It's that little voice in our head or maybe that little tug on our heart. Maybe we ask some questions about it right away, maybe we let it settle a bit before finally giving in to it and doing a little research. And maybe we still don't even really know why yet, but that connection just keeps growing. We start to feel inspired by it, we start to dream about it, our hearts start to cling to it. Until finally, we have to do something about it...

That's the type of connection that I first felt for Amigos de Jesus. I have felt connected to this organization and this community long before I made any commitment to serving in it. But in 2014, I finally did something about it, taking part in the week-long mission trip. That was followed pretty quickly by my return to work in the summer program. Then, before the summer program even had a chance to end, I had committed to staying a full year to teach kindergarten in the bilingual school onsite. Now here I am, getting ready to dive back in once again!

On February 2, I will be flying back to Honduras, back to my family at Amigos de Jesus, for just shy of 13 months. Although still uncertain of the specifics, I know that any role I’m asked to fill there will be in support of the over 100 children Amigos de Jesus works to house, feed, clothe, educate, and nurture spiritually. As a volunteer, I will live in the hogar, in a faith-based community, where I aim to give back all that I feel this community has given to me.

Amigos de Jesus will be supporting me during my time at the hogar with housing and food, but with this campaign, I am working to help off-set those costs, cover travel expenses, and purchase any supplies I might need for my time as a volunteer. I am so immensely grateful for anything you are able to contribute, no amount is too small! I’m also just as happy to receive words of encouragement, hugs, and advice!

I’m so excited to head back for another year with Amigos de Jesus. If you feel that little tug that I once felt, that connection, head to their website or volunteer page. Maybe it’s the right fit for you, too! :)

Love you all!! Gracias!!