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Amigos de Jesus

Amigos de Jesús
a home for orphaned and abandoned children in Honduras.

The children of Amigos de Jesús  know loss and pain. 
They come here because there is nowhere else for them to go.  
It is their only option for survival.  Not only do they survive, they thrive!
Wide-eyed preschoolers, young boys and girls, and young adults who used to eat out of garbage
cans now eat in our dining hall, sleep in our dorms, pray in our chapel, and learn in our school.
Amigos de Jesús is a safe haven ... their school, playground, bedroom, chapel and above all, their family. 


Our mission is to be Friends of Jesus and, therefore, to imitate the behavior and attitude of Jesus Christ for the children of Amigos de Jesús.  We accept abandoned, abused and impoverished children with the hope of respecting and enhancing their spiritual, physical, emotional, social and intellectual growth within their country of origin.  We aspire toward self-sustainability for both the Home and the children who graduate.  We believe we are also disciples of these children and will be humbly transformed by the presence of Jesus Christ in the children.

Fast Facts

* Amigos stretches over 200 acres of land in rural Honduras. 
* We have over 100 children in our home.
* Amigos partnered with BECA (Bilingual Education for Central America) in 2013
* In January 2012, we welcomed home our first girl. 
* Amigos eats 125 lbs. of beans every week.
* Amigos has a welding shop, wood shop, agriculture and construction projects where our children learn skills.