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In Loving Memory of General Colin Powell

General Colin L. Powell was the Founding Chair of America’s Promise Alliance and a fierce, longstanding advocate for the nation’s young people.  
General Powell’s groundbreaking vision for a national collective effort to ensure the next generation’s wellbeing and success remains even more relevant today. The Alliance is a community of nonprofit organizations, civic leaders, policymakers, philanthropists, educators, corporate leaders, citizens, and young people—all working tirelessly to support the nation’s youth through a time of historic upheaval.  
Donations to America’s Promise Alliance will sustain General Powell’s vision and legacy, contributing to a vibrant Alliance community committed to helping the nation’s young people thrive.  
The Powell family and America’s Promise Alliance thank you for your contribution.
   Recent Activity
Joseph L. Barrow, Jr. donated $2500 on 11/24/2021
In memory of General Colin L. Powell, we will miss him greatly.
Gregg Petersmeyer donated $1000 on 11/23/2021
In Honor of General Colin Powell
by Anonymous donated $100 on 11/14/2021
In Memory of Colin Powell
Tim McEwen donated $100 on 11/11/2021
In appreciation for General Powell's lifelong service to our country. RIP to a true American hero, and God bless Alma the Powell family.
David and Marcia Speck donated $100 on 11/9/2021
PR/A-8 PERSHING RIFLES ALUMNI donated $500 on 11/8/2021
With respect and sympathies for our great Pershing Rifles Brother Colin L. Powell, by PR/A-8 PERSHING RIFLES ALUMNI
Jamie Gorelick, former board member donated $1000 on 11/6/2021
THERESE A DOLECEK donated $100 on 11/5/2021
Christine Harris donated $100 on 11/5/2021
I join the world in saluting you for a life of service and for being an exemplar of dignity, compassion and integrity for all of humanity.
Donald and Alicia Remy donated $1000 on 11/5/2021
Rest In Peace.
Steven Morris donated $100 on 11/3/2021
In memory of General Colin Powell
Senator Mark Warner and Lisa Collis donated $500 on 11/3/2021
Tony Koltz and Toni Burbank donated $250 on 11/2/2021
Thank you, General Powell
Barbara Ukrop donated $100 on 11/2/2021
Paula DeSutter donated $100 on 11/2/2021
Francis X. Taylor donated $1000 on 11/1/2021
In Honor of General Powell
Victor and Marcia Roque donated $500 on 10/31/2021
James A Kelly donated $100 on 10/30/2021
by Anonymous donated $200 on 10/30/2021
The Cappuccio Family donated $500 on 10/30/2021
In loving Memory of GCP. Paul, Matt, Mia, Noah and Luca
by Anonymous donated $250 on 10/29/2021
Joanna McIntosh, NCTA donated $250 on 10/29/2021
To perpetuate the work of General Powell in helping all young people in America achieve their potential
Leadership Club Alum donated $1000 on 10/28/2021
Thank you for your generosity and example of dual ministry.
Barrie & Greg Askey donated $200 on 10/28/2021
In loving memory of General Powell
Sherry C Brown donated $1000 on 10/28/2021
My late husband, LTG Charles W. Brown and I were honored to be called friends of this fine man. Colin was a gift to this nation.