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Michael Hsu Office of Architecture donated $1000 on 7/24/2017
We applaud and are happy to support all of you at American Gateways! Your dedicated, hard work is so appreciated.
Michelle Scofield donated $20 on 7/23/2017
Thank you for working toward human dignity. We're all in this together.
Susan Morrison donated $25 on 5/30/2017
Please support this wonderful organization!
Mimi Purnell donated $100 on 5/28/2017
My nephew is the Director of the Christian Neighborhood Legal Clinic in Indianapolis. The work you all do is critical. I have so much respec
Wendy Botnick donated $150 on 5/23/2017
In honor of my mentors Bobby Painter and Whitney Drake
Bui's donated $50 on 5/13/2017
Happy b day Kaia! Wanted to make a donation in your name.
Jeanne and Robert Guy donated $100 on 5/11/2017
The work American Gateways does is extraordinary. Many thanks.
Veracruz All Natural donated $1869 on 5/1/2017
A donation of sales from the El Nortento, a taco created as a collaborative effort between Veracruz All Natural and the rock band Spoon.
Victoria Di Benedetto donated $100 on 4/30/2017
Separating children from their parents is inhumane, unconscionable and horrific! It must stop. I want to hear about tearful reunions soon
Wendy Botnick donated $25 on 4/14/2017
In Memory of Doris Claire Stein
Marcia Del Rios donated $500 on 3/28/2017
This is the remainder of my Amplify Austin match. No need to send me a written acknowledgement this time; an email will suffice.
August & Annie donated $25 on 3/11/2017
Happy Birthday to the coolest five year old twins we know! XO
by Anonymous donated $25 on 3/8/2017
Thank you for the work that you do!
Francisca Fuentes donated $50 on 3/2/2017
Estoy siempre agradecida a esta Organisacion. I en especial a Hanna toda mi vida le estare agradecida!
Julie Montgomery & Andrei Lubomudrov donated $120 on 3/1/2017
Because we love our neighbors and believe America is big enough for all who want to make a better life here.
Margin Walker Presents donated $1878.48 on 2/21/2017
Margin Walker show profit on 2/16/17
Pamela Richey donated $500 on 2/20/2017
Rachel Breithaupt donated $10 on 2/12/2017
Immigrants are not the problem.
Lisa H donated $25 on 2/10/2017
We need you now