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by Anonymous donated $250 on 9/15/2017
Thank you for your work.
Richard Munoz State Farm donated $250 on 9/12/2017
Oliver Bernstein donated $500 on 9/11/2017
Eric, Rachel, and Susannah Klein donated $50 on 9/8/2017
Thomas J. Millay donated $25 on 9/8/2017
Student at Baylor--I hope this donation helps those DACA students needing legal assistance right now.
Leah Buratti donated $20 on 8/20/2017
Lori Botnick Fireman donated $50 on 8/19/2017
In honor of Wendeline Botnick's birthday
Zuhair & Roshan Amin donated $100 on 7/25/2017
Michael Hsu Office of Architecture donated $1000 on 7/24/2017
We applaud and are happy to support all of you at American Gateways! Your dedicated, hard work is so appreciated.
Michelle Scofield donated $20 on 7/23/2017
Thank you for working toward human dignity. We're all in this together.
A. D. Fitzgerald donated $75 on 7/23/2017
Taylor donated $35 on 7/11/2017