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The Jewels Heritage Project, Inc.

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Amount raised: $35,954

Amount left: $1,464,046

Since 2010, the JHP has reached many milestones. Some examples include:
  • Obtaining historic landmark designation for 421 N. Albany St
  • Collaborating with the City of Ithaca to compel the owner of 421 N. Albany St. to restore the exterior of the residence
  • Creating a design for the monument at 411 E. State St. 
  • Engaging an engineering firm to build the monument at 411 E. State St. 
  • Securing a pledge from the owner of 411 E. State St. to give the property to JHP for free
   Recent Activity
Bro. J. Elmore donated $100 on 9/27/2021
My 1st installment towards an outstanding project…
Shawn Robertson (Alpha Chapter Sp’93) donated $190.6 on 9/12/2021
Theta Rho Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha donated $1906 on 8/22/2021
Roger W. Bailey donated $190.6 on 8/7/2021
David Luckett donated $100 on 8/4/2021
Kenneth Clark donated $19.06 on 8/3/2021
Andre Hopkins donated $50 on 7/28/2021
David Luckett donated $100 on 7/26/2021
My pleasure to donate
Ernest E Elmore donated $190.6 on 7/26/2021
George N. Anthony donated $50 on 7/24/2021
James L. Wright Jr. donated $190.6 on 7/21/2021
Happy to help the brotherhood on this worthy project!!
Kevin K. Johnson donated $500 on 7/19/2021
Looking forward to seeing this tremendous salute to our heritage come to fruition!
Raymond Farmer donated $50 on 7/19/2021