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Alliance for Housing and Healing

Our mission: To provide the basic necessities of life to men, women, children, and families through a safety net of essential housing and direct supportive services. 

Our programs include:
-4 licensed group homes that provide around-the-clock care to residents
-Emergency rental and utility assistance
-Independent living apartments
-Housing case management
-Assistance to buy healthy food and nutritional supplements

Alliance for Housing and Healing is a vertically integrated non-profit resulting from the 2009 merger of longstanding service providers Aid for AIDS (AFA) and The Serra Project, which provide essential housing and emergency assistance programs to low-income persons living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) in Los Angeles County.
We use housing as a structural intervention against the spread of AIDS and as a platform for healthcare. The evidence is straightforward: with stable housing comes increased adherence to often complex medication regimens, reduced risk behaviors and better access to targeted comprehensive care that supports the preservation of families and maintains individual health.
For Alliance, housing IS healthcare. Whether it is a group residence that provides 24/7 nursing care, a subsidized apartment for a family that would otherwise be homeless or financial assistance for those who cannot afford the basic necessities of life, Alliance for Housing and Healing provides a broad continuum of high-quality care that reinforces residential stability.
Our Services
– Emergency Rental Assistance
– Emergency Utilities Assistance
– Licensed Group Homes
– Independent Living Apartments
– Housing Case Management
– Nutritional Programs
– Back to Work Programs
With four group homes licensed as Residential Care Facilities for the Chronically Ill (RCFCI), we operate the longest-running assisted-living programs for people living with HIV/AIDS in Los Angeles County. Casa Los Angeles is in the Pico-Crenshaw area, Casa Madona is near Downtown Los Angeles, and Soldano House and Casa de Corazon are in Long Beach.
Under the direction of on-site residence managers, homes are staffed around the clock by caring, bilingual/bicultural certified nursing assistants (CNAs) trained to handle medical emergencies and supervise the daily care of our residents. CNAs also clean and disinfect the homes and prepare nutritionally balanced, HIV-specific meals that accommodate the complex requirements of highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART). A nurse case management team (registered nurse and social worker-MSW) provides on-site medical, nursing and social services. For services not provided on site, residents are linked with outside providers.
Designed exclusively for single women and women with children, Casa Madona is the only AIDS-housing facility of its kind in California. It exists to keep families together and assists mothers, whenever possible, in reunification with their children. More than half of Casa Madona’s residents have children. Since 1987, the group homes have housed more than 600 persons living below the poverty line with HIV/AIDS
For multi-diagnosed people living with HIV/AIDS, a stable place to live is critical to connecting to specialized care, adhering to often complicated treatment regimens and to fostering the built-in support system that family so often provides. CHOISS (Community Housing Options and Independent Supportive Sites – prounounced ‘choice’) is designed to allow destitute individuals with symptomatic HIV and a verified second diagnosis–such as mental illness, substance abuse or physical disability–to live on their own, either alone or with family members, rather than on the street.
The housing consists of nearly 150 rental units leased across Los Angeles County. Alliance for Housing and Healing acts as liaison between the property manager and the CHOISS client, assisting its residents-who may be completely new to the responsibilities of independent living-on everything from understanding a lease agreement to general housekeeping. Alliance for Housing and Healing subsidizes rent, a portion of telephone and utilities and handles move-in, maintenance and lease-increase costs. Persons who are indigent pay no rent.
Launched in 1998, CHOISS provides desperately needed homes and supportive services to a diverse and growing group of individuals and their families. Since its inception, CHOISS has provided housing and care to over 600 persons – among them nearly 200 dependent children.
The Emergency Financial Assistance program is designed to empower clients so they can achieve and maintain a positive quality of life by providing need-based short-term financial assistance. This includes:
•housing assistance to prevent eviction
•aid with utilities to avoid disconnection of electricity, water, and gas
•supermarket vouchers for HIV-specific and HAART-indicated foods
•subsidies for non-prescription wellness items including anti-nausea medications, nutritional supplements, and incontinency supplies
Alliance for Housing and Healing also maintains the role as Central Coordinating Agency (CCA) for the federal Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS (HOPWA) Program. In this capacity, we administer $1.8 million  annually to 22 other AIDS service organizations for permanent housing placement and short-term rent, mortgage and utilities assistance.