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Thousands of desperate people, including small children, elderly people, parents with babies in arms, disabled individuals, and those fleeing political and social repression have fled Honduras in recent weeks. They are traveling together to protect one another from the violence and exploitation along the migration route.  As they move through Mexico, the networks of shelters and legal services providers in Mexico are overwhelmed by the need – for food, water, warm clothing, shoes, legal advice. Those material things are hard to move across borders, but our partners are incredibly resourceful.  With just a little financial support, they can do wonders. Meanwhile, we are mobilizing volunteers to help with legal information.


Your donation via THIS LINK will go 100% to the shelters in Mexico aiding the Exodus of Central American migrants fleeing violence in search for a better life for them and their families. 

Your donation will aid shelter by providing critical support, such as:

health care and mental health services
legal services and know your rights trainings
critical basic needs such as: food, water, blankets, clothing and medicines 
& other essential items

Any amount will help:

$10 buys a hot meal for a family so no one goes to bed hungry.  $20 buys blankets to keep out the cold. If you can do more, $100 can buy warm clothing for an entire family.  $600 will bring in a doctor and much-needed medicine so that parents can tend to their sick children.

Con $10 dólares se compra una comida caliente para una familia. Con $20 dólares se puede comprar cobijas y evitar el frío de un par de familias. Tu puedes hacer más, con $100 dólares, varias familias pueden estar cubiertas con ropa y cobijas. Pero si tú quieres apoyar a mas familias, con $600 se puede traer un médico y surtir la medicina necesaria que es urgente para atender a los niños enfermos.

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