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First 50 Fundraiser

Fundraising global stats: 21% left

Amount raised: $11,785

Amount left: $3,215

Giving Levels:

Hugs: Donate $5, get a hug next time you see us.
Lunch Money: Donate $10, make lunch fancy with a beer koozie.
ASG Beanie: Donate $20 and get that awesome Beanie you always wanted
Cheap Date: Donate $30, take home all the trinkets (lip balm, koozie, lapel pin).
Beanie + Koozie: Donate $50, get a beanie and a beer koozie.
Tote + Pin: Donate $55, take home a tote bag and lapel pin. 
ASG Artist Only: For First 50 artists only, donate $60 for the ASG First 50 book at production cost
Book: Donate $100, grab your copy of the limited-edition art book ASG First 50
Artist Review: Donate $150, spend an hour with ASG to critique your artist statement, website, or installation methods.
Book + Swag: Donate $200, take everything home, the book and swag (beer koozie, tote bag, beanie, (2)lapel pin, and lip balm)
Dinner Date: Donate $250 and Willis and Conrad will cook you dinner.
Art Print: Nab a 24x30 Limited-edition Richard-Jonathan Nelson print (printed on aluminum + mounting hardware)
Movie for 6: Donate $350 to rent the ASG theater and watch a movie of your choice
Movie for 6 + swag: Donate $500 and get the movie of your choice in ASG theater with 5 friends + all-the-swag
Super Supporter: Donate $1,000+, get that warm fuzzy feeling you helped out big, plus a book and all the swag 
   Recent Activity
Stacey Goodman donated $1500 on 9/12/2018
Kelly Inouye donated $100 on 8/27/2018
You two are awesome- keep it up!
Eleanor Blake donated $55 on 8/17/2018
Christopher Reiger donated $100 on 8/15/2018
Aunt Sandi donated $30 on 8/15/2018
So proud of the both of you. What good things you bring to the world. Love you both.
JR donated $60 on 8/15/2018
So excited and proud of you amazing people.
Susa donated $50 on 8/15/2018
Dave Meyers donated $50 on 8/15/2018
Love you guys. Keep being awesome!
Marina Weiner donated $20 on 8/15/2018
Alicia McDaniel donated $20 on 8/15/2018
Kathleen Burke and Ralph Davis donated $55 on 8/14/2018
SW donated $60 on 8/14/2018
yuri pop donated $60 on 8/13/2018
The culture that I fell in love with in the Bay rapidly vanishes. ASG is one of those spacesallowing that beauty to keep flourishing. <3 <3
Jimmy Rimmer donated $100 on 8/13/2018
TIS donated $150 on 8/13/2018
ASG rocks. we need you and more!
by Anonymous donated $20 on 8/13/2018
This donation is for the beanie, only for the beanie. Good luck folks! You do good things...
by Anonymous donated $30 on 8/13/2018
Daren You donated $20 on 8/13/2018
John Rambo Felix Arnold III donated $60 on 8/12/2018
ASG is one of the most important art entities in the Bay Area.
Toby donated $60 on 8/12/2018
Joshua P donated $60 on 8/12/2018
Danielle donated $60 on 8/12/2018
So happy to support this wonderful organization! Keep up the amazing work!
Aaron Wilder donated $100 on 8/12/2018
Alyssa Lempesis donated $60 on 8/12/2018
Shisi Huang donated $60 on 8/11/2018