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Our team members have made hundreds of visits to prisons and have countless times witnessed the deplorable conditions that are found there. We care deeply about our clients’ well-being, and want to help them to meet their basic needs and live in a way that allows them to reclaim some of the dignity that has been lost through incarceration. In launching this campaign, our goal is to create a fund that our team can utilize to provide direct assistance as they work with clients and learn about their most pressing needs.

The need for assistance is real. We have seen our clients forced to choose between eating moldy, undercooked, or rancid prison food or going hungry. We have known clients who need regular assistance with hygiene products so that they do not have to rely on the powdered toothpaste and other inadequate items provided to them. Soap is often a much-needed item, as clients report having to wash their own clothes because what they receive from the prison is still dirty and covered with stains. In some prisons, our clients are even responsible for purchasing their own toilet paper. 

In addition, support for this campaign will also go to the purchase of items such as paper and stamps for letters and to providing funds for phone calls – both crucial to being able to keep ties with loved ones. Most of our clients come from communities where it would be difficult to accept even a standard collect call. Prison calls are notoriously expensive, sometimes costing as much as $10 to $15 for a single call.

Your support – in any amount – will have a significant impact on the lives of ARC, Inc.’s clients. Meeting our campaign target would allow us to respond to these needs throughout 2016. We appreciate your help in ensuring that our clients can meet their basic needs while in confinement.  
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