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William H donated $25 on 10/24/2021
Emma Nelson donated $200 on 10/24/2021
Jimi Saindon donated $100 on 10/23/2021
SHERMAN MOHLER and Jim Queeney donated $125 on 10/23/2021
Thank you for helping us help these poor animals, which are really humanity's responsibility when they are stuck in our cities
Sherri donated $50 on 10/22/2021
Life savers
ALBERT A donated $25 on 10/22/2021
S Wolf donated $25 on 10/18/2021
Thank TNR program ☺
Tiger Hartwig donated $25 on 10/16/2021
by Anonymous donated $50 on 10/15/2021
Cheryl Floyde c/o Karen Waldron donated $100 on 10/14/2021
This donation is in support of the volunteer work that Karen Waldron does in Pinal County for the community cats. Appointment ID: APP-75855
Ryan P donated $75 on 10/11/2021
Jessica noemi donated $25 on 10/10/2021
Arvis G Skinner donated $25 on 10/8/2021
App-76964 maybe be under nick name TC Skinner
Sandra J. Frank donated $45 on 10/7/2021
Appointment -77346 at Scottsdale Clinic. Arizona Spay Neuter on 10/6/21
Martha E Carson donated $150 on 10/6/2021
by Anonymous donated $25 on 10/5/2021
Appt ID APP-77215
Karen Butler donated $25 on 10/4/2021
Thank you for all the work you do on the behalf of the animals and helping me with my feral kitty !
by Anonymous donated $100 on 10/3/2021
payment/donation of app-76937 4 traps/cats
Jessica noemi donated $50 on 10/2/2021
TNR 2 feral cats.
by Anonymous donated $200 on 10/1/2021
Rita S donated $100 on 10/1/2021
Kelly Smith donated $75 on 10/1/2021