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Debra C donated $75 on 6/2/2020
Thank you for such a great program!
APP-68982 donated $25 on 5/29/2020
Thank you for all that you do to help keep the community cat population down.
D Carpenter donated $50 on 5/26/2020
APP-68729 donated $25 on 5/21/2020
by Anonymous donated $125 on 5/20/2020
For APP 68047 3/25/20
by Anonymous donated $40 on 5/19/2020
Stop being cruel .These animals need are help..Stop dumping them, you don't have the guts to take responsibility to care for them,
Kelly Quick donated $50 on 5/16/2020
BobAndSuellen donated $100 on 5/16/2020
Esprit O'Mealy donated $15 on 5/14/2020
Thank you for all you do!! ❤
Renee Nyquist donated $200 on 5/14/2020
On Behalf of Lisa and John Thomas for their use of the TNR program/ fixing stray cats in their complex. They will be in contact. Thanks!
Gallo donated $100 on 5/10/2020
Alison Edwards donated $6.25 on 5/6/2020
For Grandview NHS Cats Fund
Cat Cavorting - for APP-66768 donated $75 on 5/3/2020
David Wharton - APP-66768
Brooke Reding donated $25 on 4/30/2020
Jennifer Jones donated $150 on 4/30/2020
faith s donated $600 on 4/29/2020
by Anonymous donated $200 on 4/28/2020
Please use this donation to settle the following accounts APP 66697 and APP 66699. Please send paid receipt to pet owner. Thank you.
Tanya Telemaque donated $50 on 4/24/2020
Kelly Quick donated $175 on 4/23/2020
Donald K donated $100 on 4/19/2020