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1143-Adalah Justice Project USA

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Susan Schuurman donated $5 on 10/16/2019
Hannah Mermelstein donated $37.08 on 10/14/2019
You inspire me! Thank you for your work.
Phillip Weintraub donated $36 on 10/11/2019
Yasmin Hamidi donated $20.6 on 10/11/2019
William W Smith donated $15 on 10/10/2019
Linda Wieser donated $51.5 on 10/10/2019
Jade Brooks donated $25 on 10/10/2019
Ilise cohen donated $103 on 10/8/2019
by Anonymous donated $51.5 on 10/6/2019
In memory of Rachel Corrie
Abdul Jabbar donated $30 on 10/6/2019
Thank you for this truly noble and humanitarian work for justice to Palestinians and to change our government's misguided policies.
william s donated $25 on 10/6/2019
Robyn O'Bryan donated $25 on 10/3/2019
Good work (I am Australian - currently in New Zealand)
Barbara Webster donated $103 on 10/3/2019
Addison Bross donated $25.75 on 10/3/2019
Your work is vital, courageous, inspiring.
Jennifer Calvert donated $32.96 on 10/3/2019
Marwan R donated $103 on 10/2/2019
by Anonymous donated $1200 on 10/2/2019
Barbara Hanst donated $51.5 on 10/2/2019
The work you are doing in Congress gives me hope.
Maxine Fookson donated $51.5 on 10/2/2019
Thank you to Adalah Justice Project for your visionary work and clear messaging about Palestine and all intersectional issues of justice.
by Anonymous donated $100 on 10/2/2019
William W Smith donated $25.75 on 10/2/2019
Rev. Michael Hart donated $51.5 on 10/2/2019
Please help! Our politicians need to be pressured to seek justice for Palestinians suffering horrible abuse.