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by Anonymous donated $1000 on 1/11/2019
Donna T donated $25 on 1/9/2019
by Anonymous donated $1375 on 1/8/2019
by Anonymous donated $50 on 12/19/2018
JANICE BRAZEAU donated $25 on 12/14/2018
For Bilbao office and discipleship center.
Flip Johnson - Purpose Boutique donated $250 on 10/22/2018
Kellen Russell donated $122 on 3/21/2018
Meg Burkett donated $250 on 3/7/2018
Roger & Valerie Busse donated $300 on 2/19/2018
Richest of blessings as you continue to reach out in faith and love!
by Anonymous donated $50 on 2/15/2018
This is a reimbursement for the trip in January. Sorry for the delay.
N.A. This is payment for the Januray Spain trip donated $1500 on 1/5/2018
N.A. Ask Mandy or Chris. Thanks.
Justin & Shannon Bolt donated $150 on 12/26/2017
Avery and Jolin Bevin donated $1000 on 12/23/2017
We hosted Pablo this past summer, and were enormously blessed by the experience of showing God's love to both him and his family.
Courtney Dodds donated $40 on 12/21/2017