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Rebecca Holtzclaw
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I watched my amazing & strong grandmother take care of both  of my great grandparents till they passed. My great grandmother had Alzheimer disease & I saw how it effected the family. Watching the one you love suffer & not know who you are.  Even though I was young I  remember repeating things & some days it was strange because she had this cold blank look in her eyes like it wasn't her & she was trying to place who I was. It is like watching the one you love disappear before they pass.
Everyone in some way will be affected by this disease. It could be a grandparent, parent, husband, wife, child, friend, coworker, or yourself. So organizations like The ARK help to walk through this journey & know you are not alone. We as a community need organizations like The ARK & they need people like us to support them. That is why I have decided to be a part of this event & do my part and support The ARK!! Now I am asking you to help me on this journey & give, give, give, give!!! Thank you