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Promise686 Tough 2019 - Team O'Neal

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Promise686 TOUGH Campaign

Through the Promise686 TOUGH Campaign, our teams will compete in a Warrior Dash on April 13th, 2019 (3.2 miles, 12 obstacles, lots of mud) and are raising much needed resources for Promise686, an organization addressing the foster care crisis in Georgia and beyond. We hope in its own way, our effort will highlight the "tough" lives of these children and the challenging commitment that foster families make. In both 2016 and 2017, the Promise TOUGH Teams were 100 fund-racers strong!  In 2018, the total Promise TOUGH Team was 202 fund-racers strong!

There are not enough families for foster children. Across Georgia, there are over 14,500 foster children and only 4,500 homes, yet Georgia is home to nearly 10,000 churches. The math is not tough. Promise686 invites and equips churches to raise up at least one foster family supported by a trained team of volunteers, through an initiative called Live The Promise. Learn more at
Tax-deductible donations will go to Promise686, a metro-Atlanta 501(c)(3) which mobilizes churches and families to care for lonely, vulnerable children.

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Brock & Amy Lodge donated $250 on 5/16/2019
God bless you guys!
Jerry Perkins donated $100 on 4/17/2019
Tim and Emily donated $500 on 4/15/2019
Robert and Laura Owen donated $500 on 4/13/2019
Sorry to miss out!
Hugh Head donated $500 on 4/12/2019
Bill and Catherine Mealor donated $100 on 4/12/2019
Robert Moore donated $100 on 4/12/2019
Jared Weinstein donated $500 on 4/10/2019
Lillian Maurin donated $100 on 4/10/2019
John Martin and Mary Atkinson donated $100 on 4/9/2019
Andrew and Mary Hirsekorn donated $100 on 4/9/2019
Go get 'em Bert!
john mcpherson donated $500 on 4/8/2019
Great cause, great people!
bruce d donated $2500 on 4/7/2019
Hal & Glenn Shaw donated $100 on 4/7/2019
Hal & Glenn Shaw donated $100 on 4/7/2019
Grandpa donated $100 on 4/5/2019
Dan Weathers donated $100 on 4/5/2019
Megan and Will Kilpatrick donated $100 on 4/4/2019
Bert O'Neal donated $500 on 4/4/2019
Douglas & Grace Aldridge donated $250 on 4/4/2019
Love P686 & the O'Neal's! Thanks for your commitment to the mission!!
Josh Hirsh donated $100 on 4/3/2019
Grace Upshaw donated $50 on 4/3/2019
Camper and Mary Chollet donated $250 on 4/3/2019
Susannah & Will Baker donated $500 on 4/3/2019
Adrian and Ellie Davis donated $50 on 4/3/2019