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Promise686 Tough 2018 - Team Vaughan

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Promise686 TOUGH Campaign

Through the Promise686 TOUGH Campaign, our teams will compete in a Warrior Dash on April 14th, 2018 (3.2 miles, 12 obstacles, all mud) and are raising much needed resources for Promise686, an organization addressing the foster care crisis in Georgia and beyond. We hope in its own way, our effort will highlight the "tough" lives of these children and the challenging commitment that foster families make. In both 2016 and 2017, the Promise TOUGH Teams were 100 fund-racers strong!

There are not enough families for foster children. Across Georgia, there are 13,000 foster children and only 3,500 homes, yet Georgia is home to nearly 10,000 churches. The math is not tough. Promise686 invites and equips churches to raise up at least one foster family supported by a trained team of volunteers, through an initiative called Live The Promise. Learn more at
Tax-deductible donations will go to Promise686, a metro-Atlanta 501(c)(3) which mobilizes churches and families to care for lonely, vulnerable children.

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Lee McNeer donated $100 on 5/15/2018
Better late than never! Hope it was fun.
The Fuller Family donated $100 on 4/14/2018
Have a gloriously MUDDY time!
Zach Schaumburg donated $500 on 4/14/2018
Awesome cause Daniel, hope you crush the race.
Jamie, Leighton, and Finley Pate donated $100 on 4/13/2018
by Anonymous donated $500 on 4/12/2018
Good luck!! Proud of you!
Jess & Wes Vaughan donated $1029 on 4/12/2018
A belated thank you to Pastor Andy
Kimbrell Teegarden donated $50 on 4/12/2018
Go get 'em this weekend!
Inteleca IT Business Solutions donated $100 on 4/11/2018
Brian Cosgray donated $100 on 4/11/2018
by Anonymous donated $200 on 4/11/2018
Lori W donated $100 on 4/10/2018
by Anonymous donated $100 on 4/9/2018
by Anonymous donated $100 on 4/9/2018
Good luck Wes!
Anne Johnson donated $100 on 4/9/2018
The Wick Family donated $50 on 4/9/2018
Amy Underwood donated $25 on 4/9/2018
Go Wes and Andy!!!!
Doug Howard donated $250 on 4/9/2018
by Anonymous donated $25 on 4/9/2018
Womack's donated $50 on 4/9/2018
T. Hiles-Lee& Associates donated $25 on 4/9/2018
Tracey S donated $50 on 4/9/2018
David & Shannon McGahren donated $250 on 4/8/2018
Kay Younglove donated $100 on 4/7/2018
Go Wes!! Kudos for bringing attention to and support for the needs of these children.
Jason Jones donated $100 on 4/7/2018
Get some, Wes!
John MacNaughton donated $50 on 4/7/2018