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298 Koster Adoption Campaign

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Amount raised: $10,127

Amount left: $9,873

Promise686 offers resources and matching grants for families pursuing adoption.  These families will receive a dollar-for-dollar match for all donations received on their behalf up to the maximum amount awarded.  All additional funds received on their behalf will go towards the family fund as well.  Per IRS guidelines, Promise686 has intentions to honor your requests, but has final discretion in how the funds will be used.  WWW.PROMISE686.ORG
   Recent Activity
Nolans donated $500 on 2/23/2019
by Anonymous donated $750 on 12/12/2018
Mark & Nancy Pitts donated $200 on 12/3/2018
We look forward to meeting this sweet little child!
Kelly Hodge donated $50 on 11/19/2018
Best of luck on your adoption process!!
Michael & Rosanna Perry donated $1700 on 10/27/2018
by Anonymous donated $55 on 10/13/2018
by Anonymous donated $80 on 10/13/2018
by Anonymous donated $167 on 10/13/2018
The Mahanys donated $100 on 10/12/2018
Josh and Lashi Howard donated $1000 on 10/9/2018
Love you guys! Can't wait to meet the new family member!
scott and charlotte pitts donated $2000 on 10/8/2018
Marlene Downey donated $25 on 10/7/2018
Congrats to your family!