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Charlie Bledsoe Endowment Fund

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Charlie Bledsoe Endowment Fund for Camp Invention Scholarship
In memory of Charlie Bledsoe, 10, please join his family and friends in establishing The Charlie Bledsoe Endowment Fund and providing Mt. Horeb children with the opportunity to dream, learn and succeed while having fun at Camp Invention for years to come.

A creative thinker, Charlie passed away suddenly in 2018. To honor his memory, Charlie's family has elected to partner with the nonprofit National Inventors Hall of Fame (NIHF) and raise support for a permanent fund to provide local children with scholarships to Charlie's beloved Camp Invention program.

Camp Invention, is a leading K-6 STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) program inspiring creative problem solving, teamwork, entrepreneurship and curiosity. This program also gives kids in grades 7-9 the opportunity to become Leaders-in-Training (LITs) and develop leadership skills through formal training and mentorship.

Your support will directly contribute to a long-term goal to raise $25,000 and establish The Charlie Bledsoe Endowment Fund, a permanent fund to distribute scholarships for the Mt. Horeb Camp Invention program every year.

Your donation will also:
  • Give kids a fun, hands-on, engaging and memorable experience with a new, cutting-edge curriculum.
  • Introduce kids to NIHF® Inductees as innovative, relatable role models.
  • Lead local children to build the Innovation Mindset — essential skills and traits that will empower them to unlock their full potential.
  • Instill the value of intellectual property and show kids how to protect their rights as creators.
  • Allow middle school students to gain valuable leadership experience through the LIT program.
  • Provide local educators with professional development opportunities.

Your gift will impact children in our community and ensure ingenuity continues to thrive in the hands of future innovators, entrepreneurs and community leaders. Thanks to ColinKurtis and Kemin, $2,500 has already been contributed toward our $25,000 goal. 
Please contact Mariana Silva, Assistant Development Director, at or 330-849-6946 for any questions and additional ways to contribute toward establishing The Charlie Bledsoe Endowment Fund.

The 2021 Camp Invention Mt. Horeb program will take place the week of June 14. Want to learn more about what's in store for the children? Watch the video below for more about the activities the children will experience!

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What a beautiful way to honor Charlie's memory. With love from our family to yours, Dick and Teresa Frohock
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Thanks to Tammie’s friend ❤️
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I never knew Charlie, unfortunately, but am glad to make a donation in his honor. This scholarship fund is a great idea!
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What a great way to honor your son!