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My Sister's House

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My Sister's House serves Asian and Pacific Islander and other underserved women and children impacted by domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking by providing a culturally appropriate and responsive safe haven, job training, and community services.
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Lila Mirrashidi donated $25 on 10/19/2021
Sam & Barbara Hom donated $50 on 10/18/2021
alberta chew donated $250 on 10/16/2021
Elizabeth Miller donated $25 on 10/10/2021
Mallory Buckner donated $50 on 10/9/2021
Sajid A. Khan donated $110 on 10/8/2021
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Francis Yuen donated $200 on 10/3/2021
by Anonymous donated $110 on 10/3/2021
Edmari Joy G. donated $237.27 on 10/1/2021
Thank you for all that you all do! I am so humbled to be able to donate through a birthday fundraiser I had :')
Robin Basra donated $275 on 9/27/2021