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My Sister's House

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Amount raised: $9,858

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My Sister's House serves Asian and Pacific Islander and other underserved women and children impacted by domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking by providing a culturally appropriate and responsive safe haven, job training, and community services.
   Recent Activity
by Anonymous donated $480 on 5/31/2020
by Anonymous donated $25 on 5/30/2020
Thank you for all that you do!
LeBon Real Estate, Inc. donated $1000 on 5/27/2020
by Anonymous donated $51 on 5/25/2020
by Anonymous donated $275 on 5/23/2020
Karisa H donated $150 on 5/22/2020
Veronica Hartono donated $432 on 5/21/2020
I hope this donation helps you during this tough time. This is my donation for my Arrupe Project.
Sharon I donated $50 on 5/20/2020
by Anonymous donated $600 on 5/18/2020
Angela Lai donated $100 on 5/18/2020
Thank you for helping put an end to domestic violence and human trafficking!
David and Cecilia Swift donated $480 on 5/17/2020
by Anonymous donated $25 on 5/15/2020
Cerise Salon donated $1500 on 5/13/2020
Nia Kamai donated $205 on 5/12/2020
For my schools Arrupe project I was able to raise $205 for My Sister’s House. I hope this can help all the women & children during this time
Evan C donated $25 on 5/11/2020
Victor Monjaras donated $5 on 5/9/2020
Stay strong there ladies
by Anonymous donated $105.2 on 5/8/2020
Tran Family donated $100 on 5/8/2020
by Anonymous donated $50 on 5/8/2020
by Anonymous donated $50 on 5/7/2020
Virgil & Charlene Norman donated $50 on 5/7/2020
by Anonymous donated $50 on 5/7/2020
CPS HR Consulting donated $100 on 5/7/2020
Assemblyman Ken Cooley donated $125 on 5/7/2020