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Meyer Seewald
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As you all know, JCW is my life.

It is not a life I chose but a life I was forced into - to do the work that nobody else was doing… and I do it with a full heart and 1000% determination. It is a life dedicated to keeping our children safe and to keeping predators off of our streets. Without the support that so many of you have shown us, JCW would never have become what it is today.

But as long as their are people suffering, as long as their are people out there prying on our children - the work is not yet done. It is for that reason that I am coming back to JCW, to continue the work which we started together.

I stepped aside from a growing business and the privilege of living a private life and once again dove into the gut wrenching work of combating child sexual abuse because I have no choice.

Without JCW, who will victims of abuse turn to? Who will be their voice? Who will educate the public about abuse? Who will call out any school heads or community leaders who still prefer to sweep this dark secret under the rug? Who will molesters fear???

I am doing my part, but I need your help.

I turn to you, my friends, and ask each of you to please donate at least $1 dollar a day to JCW so that we can continue our lifesaving work. Partner with me in this sacred mission of giving a voice, closure and support to all those who have been silenced. It is only together that we will accomplish our goal.

Your $1 dollar a day will give a voice to a victim of child sexual abuse.

Your $3 a day will help us spread awareness of, and educate about abuse.  

Your $5 a day will help pay for therapy for a survivor

Your $10 a day will help pay for a private investigator


If not you, than who and if not now, than when?!!

Please, donate to JCW, share this message on your FB page, and nominate 5 friends to donate as well and become a JCW Champion!

Myself and the thousands of victims crying around the world thank you in advance for your support.

Meyer Seewald