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Join our JCW Champions campaign by becoming a mothly recurring donor. Monthly giving is the easiest and most efficient way to support JCW by allowing you to spread your support over small monthly gifts while allowing us to have a dependable base of support.

Benefits of Monthly Giving

  • You can start, change, or stop your gift very simply at any time.
  • No need for reminders to give — your gift is charged automatically.
  • A tax-receipt is provided directly to you monthly.

Most importantly, your automatic recurring pledge helps provide the sustained resources that we need to protect our children, support victims, and bring perpetrators to justice!

   Recent Activity
Levi Chaboosha donated $101 on 3/22/2017
by Anonymous donated $36 on 3/22/2017
Shmuel b donated $18 on 3/22/2017
Dr. Mark Horowitz donated $360 on 3/22/2017
Michal L donated $18 on 3/21/2017
Mendy Pellin donated $36 on 3/21/2017
Eli P donated $36 on 3/21/2017
Chana Holtzberg donated $500 on 3/21/2017
Joe Antian donated $200 on 3/20/2017
Heshy Jay donated $100 on 3/20/2017
Alexander Kaller donated $150 on 3/20/2017
Gucci donated $180 on 3/20/2017
Schneur Seewald donated $36 on 3/20/2017
Fayge Seewald donated $36 on 3/20/2017
Rivka Seewald donated $36 on 3/20/2017
Lazer C donated $36 on 3/20/2017
Malka Seewald donated $36 on 3/20/2017
Yanky Seewald donated $50 on 3/20/2017
Baruch Sandhaus donated $36 on 3/20/2017
Peer Deutsch donated $100 on 3/20/2017
Shimon B donated $10 on 3/19/2017
Pacy W donated $200 on 3/19/2017
Meyer Seewald donated $36 on 3/19/2017
Standing with brave survivors.
by Anonymous donated $1 on 3/19/2017