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by Anonymous donated $18 on 11/19/2017
Keep up your critical work. Thank you!
Shoshanna donated $26 on 11/10/2017
This is a bitterly sweet donation in honor of every father who was hurt and then hurt in a forbidden way, and has repented. Blessings!
Miriam Ungar, U.M. Charitable Foundation donated $500 on 11/9/2017
Breindy K donated $36 on 10/31/2017
A Margolis donated $18 on 10/31/2017
Opher Moses donated $100 on 10/30/2017
by Anonymous donated $36 on 10/29/2017
Oryt Zeitun donated $36 on 10/27/2017
Rani Dishi donated $180 on 10/26/2017
by Anonymous donated $100 on 10/25/2017
by Anonymous donated $54 on 10/25/2017
Keep up the incredible work. I found out about you from the documentary "one of us" and I am in awe of what your organisation does. Thankyo
Barry S donated $36 on 10/22/2017
You do such wonderful work, protecting others from predators. May you be blessed on this magnificent work!!!!!
Thank U HaShem For JCW donated $26.13 on 10/17/2017
Thank U HaShem For JCW
Susan F Altman donated $40 on 10/2/2017
Thank you JCW for taking on this problem
by Anonymous donated $18 on 9/30/2017
Rivky Warga donated $100 on 9/29/2017