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Bracha Chaya Jaffe donated $108 on 12/3/2018
Fayge S donated $150 on 12/2/2018
Ronni Amishay donated $18 on 11/27/2018
Levi Green donated $54 on 11/25/2018
Daniel & Leah Seliger donated $36 on 11/21/2018
by Anonymous donated $54 on 11/20/2018
Ellen Brummel donated $100 on 11/19/2018
Fayge S donated $130 on 11/18/2018
by Anonymous donated $180 on 11/16/2018
by Anonymous donated $18 on 11/8/2018
Because of you we will see the Beis Hamikdash fall from the sky and Moshiach will be revealed to the world!🙌
by Anonymous donated $18 on 11/8/2018
In honor of a Refuah Shelayma for Julie Mae Bas Evey Lois.
by Anonymous donated $125 on 11/7/2018
Fayge S donated $130 on 11/5/2018
Abraham Edery donated $20 on 11/1/2018
by Anonymous donated $180 on 10/23/2018
Benny Traurig donated $18 on 10/22/2018
YK for protecting our children and community, when most others refused to get involved.
Fayge S donated $130 on 10/21/2018