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by Anonymous donated $180 on 9/15/2019
Soheil Abrishami donated $312 on 9/15/2019
Stephen Mills donated $100 on 9/13/2019
Betsy L donated $100 on 9/12/2019
Kol Hakovod to Jcw and Meyer Seewald for all the great work he does.
Alex Banayan donated $1000 on 9/9/2019
Thank you for all you do to support survivors.
Levi Ciment donated $50 on 9/8/2019
Fayge S donated $165 on 9/8/2019
Adam Platnick donated $50 on 9/6/2019
Levi Ciment donated $50 on 9/5/2019
Levi Ciment donated $50 on 9/4/2019
Sara Morris donated $104 on 9/3/2019
In honor of all the work you do!
by Anonymous donated $53.04 on 8/28/2019
Fayge S donated $130 on 8/25/2019
by Anonymous donated $37.44 on 8/23/2019
Keep up the good work
EC & M. Brummel donated $180 on 8/23/2019
with prayers that ours, and others' donations will help save lives and quality of life, please HaShem.
by Anonymous donated $25 on 8/21/2019
In honor of my parents who got me so far