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No matter your capabilities or skillset - you CAN get involved and become an advocate for sexual abuse victims. Choose a campaign where you can get involved in a way that works for YOU. Join the JCW movement today!


Victims Services- JCW’s Victim Services Program is focused on providing comprehensive support for CSA survivors. We assist victims in finding all necessary mental health services, introduce peer support whenever possible, and offer virtual support groups on Whatsapp to connect survivors all over the world. We operate in cooperation with ASAP to assist clients in paying for trauma therapy, offering what is for many an otherwise unattainable life-changing opportunity for healing.

-ASAP is a non-profit organisation which provides therapeutic funding for CSA survivors and is dedicated to supporting victims of abuse through quality professional trauma treatment. Victims are referred by
23 frum Jewish local organisations that provide case management services to the victims and their families. Through the program, victims are eligible for up to 84 therapy sessions that can include group therapy or couple's counseling if needed.

- We have introduced support services for family members of abusers when necessary and appropriate. Next of kin are often secondary victims struggling with the chaos that has been introduced into their lives by the actions of someone close to them. 

Investigations Program- JCW conducts in-depth investigations into allegations of child sexual abuse, working alongside, and in collaboration with, law enforcement all over the world to bring victims closure and perpetrators to justice. Out staff and volunteers offer support and guidance to victims through the reporting and court process.

Prevention Programs- We work proactively to keep parents and educators appraised of offenders living in their community who pose a danger to their children. We relay warnings and exposures through Facebook, email blasts, Twitter, email, fliers - whatever is needed to make sure that every community is informed.

Awareness Programs- In the 5 years since its inception, JCW has changed the way the Jewish community around the world view and understand child sexual abuse. Our social media provides regular updates, exposures, new articles, blog posts from survivors, and educational materials.

Events - Our awareness events have educated and inspired thousands all over the world. 

Since our 2014 relaunch JCW has:

*Ran 16 events across the United States, Canada, and Israel, dedicated towards spreading awareness and education. These event were attended by over 4,500 people.

* has attracted 339,892 unique visitors who viewed 2,667,829 total pages of educational material, articles and help pages.

*JCW regularly reaches over 9,000 people on our email list with important alerts and updates.

*Created 41 educational videos that have been viewed a total of 697,857 times to date.

*114 Jewish sex abusers have been added to the Wall of Shame, providing the largest private online database of sexual offenders.

18,000 people from around the world follow JCW’s Facebook page. On average, over 70,000 people see our posts each month.

*Participated in strong lobbying efforts alongside various advocacy groups for SOL change in NY.

*Connected with well over
1,000 survivors of CSA, offering them advice, emotional support, and a listening ear.

*Logged over
750 reports of child sexual abuse by over 700 abusers, helping to remove predators from our streets, schools, and shuls.

2015, JCW subsidized therapy for 150+ survivors from all over the world.

75+ survivors from 4 continents have taken part in our 3 virtual support groups via Whatsapp, as well as in-person support groups.


JCW’s ability to do good and save lives is directly determined by the support we get from the public. Schools and camps only accept our recommendations because they know the public supports us; rabbis and community leaders open their doors to us because they know we speak for many in their community; and we can only continue to do the lifesaving work we do, if we continue to receive ongoing and sustained financial support from YOU.
Donating to JCW may not get you a plaque on the wall, but when you contribute to our work, you KNOW that you are literally saving children’s lives and building safer communities.

This work is devastating; nobody wants to do it. Yet we have no choice; how can we sleep at night knowing that children out there are suffering, living a hell of unspeakable trauma and fighitng memories of evil?!

Partner with us! Join the JCW movement! Let’s protect our children and fight this evil scourge together!