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Independent Journalism Fund

Independent, ethical journalism is more important now than ever before. 

Traditional models of support for journalism are in decline. As a result, voices are going unheard and issues go under-reported. For many years, the News & Review has covered critical issues impacting our communities, given a voice to the under-represented, and increased public awareness and engagement. 

We are currently raising funds to support journalism in the areas of immigration, poverty, health and mental health, economic disparity, and social justice. These funds will go towards new reporting projects and will not support existing News & Review infrastructure.   

Thank you.


Health care is an important topic to engaged readers. Serious questions are facing our communities regarding health equity, mental health crisis, costs, and access to services.

Projects will include stories on:
Health Care access in underserved communities
The struggles to run urban health care clinics
What rehabilitation and life education programs exist for former gang members?
Are law enforcement officers equipped to handle mental health disturbances and place individuals in treatment rather than jail?



Immigration issues are a hot national topic -- but are we hearing the real story?

Our immigration project will investigate projects such as:
What happens when undocumented immigrants are arrested and transferred to ICE? How does this impact families?
Why are Mexican immigrants returning to Mexico in record numbers?
When facing a crisis, such as a custody battle, divorce or ill family member, how does an undocument immigrant navigate the legal system?

Social Justice

Economic Inequality and Social Justice are pressing topics, locally and nationwide. Over the past several decades, we've seen a shrinking of the middle class and more Americans falling into poverty. At the same time, the social safety net is coming apart.

Upcoming Projects will include:
How does Restorative Justice play a role?
What is the impact of inequality within our criminal justice system?
How are stakeholders addressing the issues of poverty and inequity?
Investigation into the economic crisis facing middle class Americans and the implications for our communities.