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Independent, ethical journalism is more important now than ever before. 

Traditional models of support for journalism are in decline. As a result, voices are going unheard and issues go under-reported. For many years, the News & Review has covered critical issues impacting our communities, given a voice to the under-represented, and increased public awareness and engagement. 

We are currently raising funds to support journalism in the areas of immigration, poverty, health and mental health, economic disparity, and social justice. These funds will go towards new reporting projects and will not support existing News & Review infrastructure.   

Thank you.


Help us hire a health reporter or freelancers to cover:

Health Care access in underserved communities
The struggles to run urban health care clinics
What rehabilitation and life education programs exist for former gang members?
Are law enforcement officers equipped to handle mental health disturbances and place individuals in treatment rather than jail?
Write "Health Reporting" in the Project field when you donate. 



Help us produce, print and distribute 130,000 copies of
"If ICE Comes Knocking."

Residents of the U.S. are facing a new era of violence and dehumanization in today’s volatile political climate, especially for those who are undocumented. As cities and states across the nation declare themselves sanctuaries in solidarity with undocumented residents, ICE is stepping up their activity to meet sanctioned quotas — often performing raids or using unlawful tactics to do so. For those who are targets of their activity, this means a new level of fear and apprehension in everyday life. Work, home, the street and local jails are new settings for ICE confrontations. If an undocumented person is approached by ICE, they will most likely be detained. However, their actions during this crucial moment could mean the difference between deportation and eventual release. Through community input and involvement, we've identified tricks that ICE will use when detaining people, as well as the steps and plans that can help slow down ICE processes and reunite families in the face of this unjust activity. However, we need your help to get this information in the hands of those who need it most.

Together with local immigration attorneys and other immigration-related nonprofits, we have begun production of a 16-page bilingual printed newspaper insert offering stories with suggestions for undocumented immigrants, their families and their employers about what preparations to make and precautions to take if ICE comes to their door or place of work.

We'd llike to get this vital information to hundreds of thousands of our neighbors affected by these tactics. We'd like
to produce 130,000 copies of this publication -- 60,000 to be distributed throughout the Sacramento region, as well as 70,000 copies inserted into an issue of the Sacramento News & Review, six different videos in English and Spanish, and an online version of the publication. The videos and e-flipbook version of the publication will also be available online. We estimate the cost of this project to be $43,000. If you are interested in contributing to this social justice movement, please write "Immigration Pub" in the project field when you donate. 

Help us hire an immigration reporter to investigate projects such as:
What happens when undocumented immigrants are arrested and transferred to ICE? How does this impact families?
Why are Mexican immigrants returning to Mexico in record numbers?
When facing a crisis, such as a custody battle, divorce or ill family member, how does an undocumented immigrant navigate the legal system?
Write "Immigration Reporting" in the project field when you donate.

Social Justice

Help us hire a social justice reporter to cover:

How does Restorative Justice play a role?
What is the impact of inequality within our criminal justice system?
How are stakeholders addressing the issues of poverty and inequity?
Investigation into the economic crisis facing middle class Americans and the implications for our communities.
Write "Social Justice Reporting" in the Project field when you donate.