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Cleve Jones Founder, the NAMES Project AIDS Memorial Quilt Author, When We Rise: My Life in the MovementWe are elated to have exceeded our goal of $100,000 by raising more than $116,000. We are grateful for the support and generosity of all who have donated. We are currently busy giving the grants out to the benefiting organizations. You can check back here for any updates.

Love wins the day. Thank you to The San Francisco Foundation, the Hellman Foundation, the Rosenberg Foundation and the Walter & Elise Haas Fund for their generous support.


When a group of hateful white nationalists, skinheads, fascists, klansmen and other extremists began planning rallies in the Bay Area, I worked with Horizons Foundation on establishing this fund - No Hate SF.  San Francisco rose to the occasion and with their words and pocketbooks clearly said that there was "no place for hate in SF".

Although the demonstrations are over, the fight for equality continues and this fund has been established to help worthy nonprofits continue their fight for justice. We invite all who are disgusted by the current political climate to donate as generously as possible to this campaign. Let's transform evil energy into resources to protect the community we call home.

Love Will Keep Us Together © Darwin BellWith the establishment of No Hate SF, we are following the wonderful example of Wunsiedel, the small German town that transformed an annual neo-Nazi march into a fundraiser for anti-racist organizations.

Your tax-deductible contributions will be divided equally between the following amazing organizations: Asian and Pacific Islander Wellness Center, Disability Rights and Education Defense Fund (DREDF), Friendship House/Association of American Indians of San Francisco, La Raza Community Resource Center, Muslim Advocates, National Center for Lesbian Rights, Planned Parenthood, San Francisco NAACP, San Francisco Jewish Community Center, San Francisco LGBT Center, Southern Poverty Law Center, Transgender Law Center.

San Francisco is known throughout the world as a city that embraces diversity, chooses love over hate, and peace over war. Please give generously as we unite our communities and neighborhoods with one message: No Hate in San Francisco!

In Solidarity,

Cleve Jones
Founder, the NAMES Project AIDS Memorial Quilt
Author, When We Rise: My Life in the Movement

© Darwin Bell

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